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“JPNetworks helped get my office up to date.  I can now access my work computer from anywhere, enabling me to provide my customers with information and the status of their repairs much more effectively regardless of where I am.”

  - Wendy A., Karkare Collision Center

 “It almost goes without saying that an Information Technology consultant understands technology. Jeannette, of course, does: she helped us migrate our servers from an old system to a new system and then into the cloud; she helped resolve network issues, including a multi-stage rewiring; she helped establish SharePoint settings and Microsoft 365 integration; and much more. But Jeannette also took the time to understand how Good Shepherd Shelter works, and how she could best support our team through their technology. She is dedicated, hard-working, cheerful and efficient. I can not recommend her highly enough!” 

  - Mark A. Rothman, Interim CEO, Good Shepherd Shelter of Los Angeles